Monika Kailani Bobkowska

co-founded the Dharma School of Ashtanga Yoga & Ayurveda. 

Certified yoga instructor, meditation teacher, Ayurvedic therapist and intuitive massage therapist. Monika began her personal yoga journey and practice in 1998. She studied Ayurvedic healing and Yoga in India and has been exploring the healing dynamic between the human body, mind and soul. She approaches each individual sensitively, harnessing her depth of experience as a yoga teacher and holistic therapist, encouraging each client to explore the limits and expand upon the possibilities of the the body and mind.

Drawing on her experience and love of nature and the outdoors, she is now living and teaching in Sussex, helping others to develop their Yoga practice and self-awareness.

The Yoga path has helped her to find answers to life's bigger questions and really find balance and harmony in life. 

Monika has developed her sensitivity for people's energy to help her personalize your experience of learning a deeper Yoga practice. Ayurveda teaches that each of us has a unique constitution and that being aware of mind and body posture can really help bring more joy and happiness into our own lives and the lives of others. This, Monika believes, helps us all to feel more connected to each other and all things.

Trained:  Asana, Pranayama, Mudra & Philosphy,  India Mysore, Teacher Trening Course,  Mysore, India. Yoga Mudra- BNS Iyengar,  Teacher Training yoga and adjustment with Ajay Kumar, Mysore India Teacher Training in Traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Sytem T. Krishnamacharya - BNS Iyengar.  Manju Jois - Ashtanga yoga training, Tibetan  Dream& Psychology Analysis, Ayurveda Panchakarma and Rejuvenation - Research Institute Of Medical Sciences (R) Mysore, Karnataka India,   2 years of Bio-Energy Healing Therapy and clairvoyance course,   Chavutti thirumal massage Kalari India,  Thai Yoga Massage - Mysore India.  Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage - Medicon. Reiki level 1, 2,3. Pointholding Ultimate Healing and  one year Tethatu Shamanic Healing.


“Great classes with a great teacher”

“I have been going for Monika's classes for around a year and she is a real gem to the world. Highly knowledgeable, authentic and passionate she shares with her students what she learnt while living in India for many years - about yoga, life, ayurveda... Her classes and workshops are really great and I always feel very peaceful and balanced after.I moved few months ago to another city hundreds of miles away and I can now say that she is definitely irreplaceable! I miss Monika's classes and I cannot wait to practice with her again!” Paulina

“Authentic Teacher with deep understanding of Yoga“

“Monika is an authentic teacher with a deep understanding of yoga and other wisdom traditions. I absolutely love her classes and feel privileged to have her as a teacher, her extensive knowledge is second to none. She brings a special energy to the practise and her classes leave me feeling incredibly purified in mind and body” Cristina

“I been having quite few yoga lessons with Monika,and she is precious jewel of this ancient technics to make you thrive and feel better.So much healing energy and dedication .Your classes truly put me to my center and help me to feel more relaxed and balances.I truly recommed Monika as a healer and yoga teacher .I am so glad to be part of your path .Blessings and gratitude.” Asha

“I have been attending Yoga classes with Monika for a few weeks now. It is clear she is very knowledgeable and passionate about Yoga and this comes across in her classes. Since going I have noticed I have more energy and the pain in my neck and back has reduced. I highly recommend anyone thinking of trying a class to do so” Cassie.